K.R. – Recording Artist
“I was overweight and self conscious about filming my first music video when my agent brought in a beam of light called Victoria.  Ms Johnson gave me the emotional strength to believe in myself. She taught me how my mind controlled my body and then she kicked my ass. She not only made me look hot for my tour, she helped me develop a life long game plan to keep the weight off and really build a profitable career”.

  Kevin Weaver, Celebrity Star Broker
“Victoria’s star personality presence online drove her DVD sales off the charts. Her titles sold 400,000 plus in one month.
Mark Goldston - CEO L.A. Gear , President of Net Zero,
“Victoria is always the leader at whatever she does, she is a Trend Setter and knows her business

  Tony Robbins Seminars
"Victoria’s Presentation was off the charts!" Anthony Robbins Seminars Patty Program Director
Mike Dunleavy - NBA Coach of the Year –Former LA Lakers and LA Clippers Coach
“With Victoria, you see progress: you see results.”

  Richard Petty – Music Company, Global Fitness Entertainment Product Distributor
Victoria’s online marketing abilities are what allowed us to break records sales on her Technifunk Products.

Gordy Nye –Marketing Director LA Gear
We are going to use Victoria to push our brand over the top”.

Angela Taylor, - WNBA Program Director
“Victoria is one of our most effective speakers for our rookies. She gives them the mind/body tools they need to become all-star athletes.“

Phil Knight – President and Founder of Nike
You are quite a catch, I have been watching you for years”.

  Small Business Forum West Coast Division
“We gave Victoria this award tonight because she was able to generate 200,000 hits a month on her website before most of us even got ours scripted and posted online.

Darnell Valentine Program Development NBPA of the NBA
Victoria is a genius, she influences our rookies in so many immeasurable ways. She trains them from the inside out”.

Lynn Snodgrass, Secretary of State, Oregon
"What an amazing woman you are! Thank you so much for being our guest speaker at the Women's Leadership Luncheon. You were so encouraging for everyone and especially for me."

Bob Proctor Author of You Were Born Rich, President of Life Success Institute
Victoria is the best at what she does, she enhanced my program tremendously

  John Assaraf, "The Secret" Movie Star, International Development Consultant
"When the energizer bunny runs low, he calls Victoria Johnson. Her Presentations are dynamite".
Purvis Short, NBPA Director of Player Programs
"The impassioned presentation you made about the benefits of nutrition and of the ways to improve upon one's health made a tremendous impression upon all of our first year players. However, your inspiring words, which were combined so wonderfully with practical advice, made all of us realize the importance of the presentation."

Crystal Anthony McCrary, Author
 “I can’t believe how incredible I felt training. Victoria’s approach focused on me as a whole person…”

  Chrissa Chin, NBA Player Programs
Victoria has a way of reaching our players regardless of their age or experience. She knows her stuff

Patty Brown - President, Advertising Consultant Firm
Victoria is the ultimate Rock Star in Her Field. We knew from the moment we met her, she was a class act and has skills that will help us build strong brands for our clients.

  N. Zenabu, Pres., Million Women March
"I loved your program on People, Passion and Profit. I just returned home from the conference and I have already started to implement some of your strategies for getting ahead."

Todd Duncan author of Life By Design, CEO The Duncan Group Motivational Training
Victoria took my seminar to new heights. She touched the hearts and souls of the participants. She integrated ancient wisdom with contemporary thought seamlessly

  B. Hemilsburg, Tektronix Inc.
"Victoria's seminar was impactful as well as entertaining. The staff's attitude has improved dramatically."

Clyde Drexler, NBA Basketball Hall of Fame
“No one has ever challenged me like Victoria when it comes to a workout.  When I wanted my wife to get in shape, I knew Victoria was the only person I would trust to take care of her.“

B. Canyon - Model
 “I was a borderline runway model when I met Victoria. She taught me about beauty and belief from the inside out and it transcended my soul onto the pages of my layouts and on the runway. My career has skyrocketed in Italy since working with Victoria.”

K. - Recording Artist
“She made me look hot for my album cover, plus she helped me gain the confidence to write my own music and take control of my financial future.”

  Why Become A Rock Star?

Rock stars take care of themselves, their loved ones and their planet.

red checkRock stars aren’t ruled by money, they know that money is a tool to be used for all.

red checkRock stars
don’t’ need Facebook to find friends, they arrive in style with their crew and everyone wants to take their picture.

red checkRock stars
know that wherever they are is “MySpace”.

red checkRock stars
make headlines, make waves and make others feel special.

red checkRock stars
make as much money as they want with no limits and old thinking.

red checkRock star don’t wake up by an alarm, they get up when they are well rested.

red checkRock stars
live the charmed life.

red checkRock stars
are instantly recognized by their peers as the best at what they do.

red checkRock stars
get the best seats at their favorite sporting events, concerts, fashion shows, plays and whatever they choose to play at.

red checkRock stars
always get their favorite seat at their favorite restaurants.

red checkRock stars
fly in style, first class with class.

red checkRock Ssars
stay at the finest hotels and tip very well.

red checkRock stars
get the booty (also known as loot), tons of free stuff.

red checkRock stars
get great swag – more free stuff, that’s why they give so much.

red checkRock stars
hang out with celebrities and millionaires.

red checkRock stars
are in charge of their own lives.

red checkRock stars
finance their own charities.

Follow RockStarsRule

Insider Secrets to Get Rich & Famous In Your Field and have tons of fun & Freedom

Independent Three-Peat Rock Star Reveals The Closed –Door Insider Secrets, Tactics and Strategies of the most Popular, Rich and Famous People of Every Profession on the planet.

7 Steps to Become A Rock Star
In Your Chosen Field Online and Offline

Tired of being invisible, underpaid, un-appreciated and lonely?

So was I.  I was an overweight fitness trainer working for what felt like pennies and being passed over for promotions and raises.  I would come early, stay late, do extra work, clean up after everyone and even tolerate the boss’s loser son.  I would do anything to get recognized for my contribution to the company.  I got several different certifications, took advanced science courses, athletic training and even got Nautilus  Personal Training Certified, which was quite prestigious at that time. I  thought surely more education would help me get ahead faster. NOT!

No matter what I did, I was treated like an old rug, walked over and trampled on.

Check this out, here’s how my future would be forever changed…

I was working one night and the Rock Star Trainer at that time was late. He had an entire group of people waiting for him.  The owner was furious.  He had the audacity to walk up to me and “TELL” me to take over train his people.  He was not even going to pay me the Rock Star’s wage, which was at least three times what I was making per hour.  I said, “no”. 

He kept “telling” me to take care of those clients and repeatedly said “no”.

I was sweating bullets.  My palms were sweating and my heart was pounding.  I wanted to help, that’s my true nature, but I knew if I folded, it would be hazardous to my career and to my reputation in the club. Everyone loved that guy and I knew the clients would NOT appreciate me anyway. After all, they came for the Rock Star and I would be the stand in that tried to take his place.  When you are a Rock Star, your fans would rather have no one than a stand in or a body double!

It took everything I had inside me not to lay my self down and turn into that human rug again.

Well, I did it. I looked at the boss right in the eyes and snarled a shaky “no, are you going to fire him and give me his classes and his clients?  The owner said that is none of my business.  So, I flat out refused to take his place. And in that moment, the revelation of Rock Stars Rule was born.

Here was a person that was rude, left his clients waiting, left the owner in a bind and would return the next day back to work as if nothing happened and everyone embraced him like he was the Pope.
OKAY!  I got it! Rock Stars Rule

I knew if I was ever going to get a group of people willing to pay me outrageous money to be my clients, and have that kind of notoriety, I would have to research out every possible secret, trick, or form of persuasion available to human kind to find the formula to become a rock star.

I found it. I have put together one of the most comprehensive programs for turning your life inside out and becoming a Rock Stars in any field. You see, the Tactical Process is not limited to any certain field or genre. 

It’s a mindset and a set of strategies that transcends professions. They are powerful in any market and will help you climb to the highest pinnacle of success you desire.

Look what it did for me.

I did not just become a Rock Star, I became a:

Three- Peat Rock Star

1 Star - I became a Rock Star in the Dance/Fitness industry by producing and starring in 24 video/DVD’s and Ipod programs and if that wasn’t enough you starred and produced 2 Television Series, Celebrity Health & Fitness and Victoria’s Body Shoppe.  I pioneered Vertical Training Standing Floor Work Philosophy and Cardio Pump Sculpting with Weights to music that has infiltrated every genre of fitness globally.  I also created the original Dance Funk Cardio and Hip Hop Cardio and Hip Hop Sculpt Workouts.

2-Star - I became a Rock Star in Professional Athletic Training, working with athletes and entertainers perfecting their performance, physique, diet and my specialty, Mind/Body/Career Coaching that is integrated into training sessions.  
My technique became so respected that the NBA and WNBA allows you the privilege of working their beginning STAR athletes at the training camps. AND  I have gotten my hands on future STAR athletes at the Prestigious NBPA ALL STAR Training Camps where the likes of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O Niell and Lebron James attended before their ROCK STAR Status was born.

3  Star - I am a Rock Star in Business.  I am CEO of VJ International a Professional Speaking and Development Firm that also manages and handle my career and Personal Online Coaching. I demonstrated business prowess by building a small business company that had 10 employees and helped each of break off into their own Star Roles in other careers as I streamlined my business into a virtual online firm and cut the expense of employees and expensive overhead.  I now operate with contractors around the world which has made my company more profitable and given me more freedom. I was recognized by IDEA, as one of the top professionals in my field by being selecting as runner up for the Business Person of the Year.

I am now expanding my online business and sharing with you the insider secrets that were only shared with million dollar trust fund babies who wanted to pretend they were important and relevant to society.


What is A Rock Star In Today’s World?

Rock stars are not just guitar bangers being chased by gold digging groupies

- Rock Stars are the individuals who set their eye on a goal of winning in their chosen field.

You’ve heard it around the break room.”Joe’s a Rock Star Realtor, he always beats us in listing and sales”!

“Susan is Diva Rock Star at every meeting, when she shows up, we all take a back seat.

How about? Oh No Barry’s coming, he’s totally booked today. Look at him, he thinks he’s a Rock Star!

“OMFG” She’s all over youtube and she wears whatever she wants and gets away with it. She’s such a Rock Star player.

“I am so tired of Nate, every one that comes in lately only wants him. He’s totally in demand. You would think he’s Rock Star or something.

That’s right, The Rock Star Persona is what your inner soul is screaming to be. You know you want to be in demand, able to write your own schedule, make bundles of cash and take vacations when you feel like instead of working you’re a** off for 50 solid weeks only to be treated like a greedy wall street banker for taking the measly two they promised you.

Aren’t you tired of all the sweat equity nonsense?

Don’t you want to control your own destiny?

Aren’t you ready to be in charge of your own life and not be limited by some silly sliding corporate pay scale that’s so low you slide deeper in debt every month.

I thought so..Then Step up and take your place in the center stage of your life by becoming a Rock Star in your field.


Really, think about this.. Why Should YOU want to be a Rock Star?


Why Should YOU want to be a Rock Star?

Rock Stars don’t play by the rules, they make the rules

Rock Stars don’t read the news, they Are the News

Rock Stars don’t fear news headlines, they make their own headlines.

You’ve heard that you should be a great leader, because people respect leaders. Don’t misread what I’m sharing with you.  This is NOT a corporate leadership program, there are thousands of those out there for the average person, this is not a copy of that.  This is in direct opposition on that. This is about standing out, not blending in, this program is about blazing a trail so fast, there will be some behind you for days. 

I am not asking you to be a leader,

In all my years of corporate work, I found many times that leaders are not always the brightest, the highest paid or the most well known in their field.  In my own professional experience as a manager for  several fitness corporations, leadership was a code word for “work sixty hours a week

They may be labeled at work so that they are the hit man that takes all the bullets, deal with all the corporate bullsh*t and never quite arrive.

They get up early, stay up late and miss important dates and meals with loved ones.

What About Rock Stars? NOT!
Rock Stars write their own schedule 

Yesterday.com leaders have to meet sales quotas and take the heat when something goes wrong. Have stuffy dress codes, expensive laundry bills and have to work and be YES People.

Thank the stars, this is a new season, a new time and the process of becoming rich, famous and visible has become virtual, viral and very lucrative.

You don’t have to follow the beaten path of old, you can carve out your own stardom your way. You don’t have to sell your soul to be at the top of your field; making big money, having tons of fun and doing it YOUR WAY! You don’t have to be a corporate clone, you can become a full fledged Rock Star Wherever you are.

Today you can begin your ascendance into the fame and fortune of Stardom by deciding to let your star shine. Inside each of us is a star waiting to be born.

Thanks to the World Wide Web and the Insider Secrets you get in my time-tested program, you too can be a Shining Rock Star in your Field.

Why Become A Rock Star?

- Rock Stars take care of themselves and their planet

- Rock Stars know that money is a tool to be used for all

- Rock Stars don’t’ need facebook to find friends arrive in style with their crew and everyone wants their picture

- Rock Stars know that wherever they are is “MySpace”
- Rock Stars make headlines

- Rock Stars make as much money as they want, no ceiling

- Rock Stars wake up when they want, not by an alarm

 -Rock Stars live the charmed life

-Rock Stars instantly recognized by their peers as the best at what they do

-Rock Stars get the best seats at their favorite sporting events, concerts, fashion shows and plays
-Rock Stars always get their favorite seat at their favorite restaurants

 -Rock Stars fly first class

-Rock Stars stay at the finest hotels

 -Rock Stars get the booty (also known as loot) tons of free stuff

 -Rock Stars get great swag – more free stuff

 -Rock Stars hang out with celebrities and millionaires

 -Rock Stars finance their own charities

 -Rock Stars are in charge of their own life

Becoming a Rock Star is an inside job. You have to have the mental mindset that the top rock stars on the planet have. You have to be able to tap into your higher side and know that you have everything you need inside already, it just needs to be uncovered and developed.

It takes an understanding of how.. and that is what Victoria will teach you, the HOW to become a Rock star and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

This is It. It’s Your Time To Act.

Did you know that the very thing you are looking for in your life - is actually looking for you just as much as you are looking for it? It’s true! That’s the principle of cosmic consciousness. This program will help you tap into your true purpose.

The very reasons you were born as “you” – are because there are things already mapped out, already lying in wait for you that have evolved only because there is a “you.” These things were set in motion long ago – just so that you could come along at the right time, and at the right place to take advantage of them.

It Only Requires A Willingness For You To “See” The Opportunity – When It Presents Itself - Then Act Upon It
Becoming a Rock Star, has nothing to do with music lessons, or learning the guitar. “Kudos” to them that can do so, but living like a Rock Star, and becoming one is more about rocking what it is that you do, and being great at it.
Making your own rules, working for yourself, being the trendsetter, the one who leads in their field instead of following the crowd.

You will have more fun, less headaches, more energy and you will be your own boss and live life without limits any more!

Here’s what you will receive in your In this Hot New Program, you will find an entire workable tactical program that is jam packed with bonuses such as:

Rock Stars Rule Program

112 Pages of Mind Blowing Rock Star Awesomeness

7 Steps to Become a Rock Star In Your Field Online and Offline Manual

Step 1: Get Rock Solid In Your...

Step 2: Science For Success

Step 3: Find Your Niche and Get Rich

Step 4: Be a Media Rock Star

Step 5: Make Good Impressions

Step 6: Goal Setting

Step 7: Build Your Dream Team

Rock Stars Rule CD Set

Audio of the complete Program - you can listen to in your car, on the go, or any time

Youtube Revolution

The You-tube Revolution Ebook  - How to make full use of the power of You-tube -  to Brand Yourself. If you want to be seen, you have to be on youtube. This is a step by step guide how to climb fast on youtube and maybe you will be the next Youtube Rock Star.

Vaule: $49.95

Niche Finder

If you don’t know if your line of work can make you a rock star, then you need this guide. It will help you find the perfect niche to attack and dominate your way into Rock Stardom.*The Skill of Niche Finding Ebook – A program to help you find, and exploit your target market

Vaule: $49.95

Video Vlogging

*Video Vlogging – A New Blog Sensation – Using The Latest Technology to Boost your Brand and Stand Alone

Vaule: $49.95

Video Marketing Secrets

*Video Marketing Secrets - How To Make Use Of Video To Grab Hungry Clients, and attract new leads

Vaule: $49.95

The Science of Getting Rich

Did You Know That There Is A Science To Getting Rich?

There is.. You Have to Know how to attract riches and abundance so that riches will be drawn to you.

Learn The Full Science of the Law Of Attraction – Like Attracts Like

Learn the insider secrets to wealth. Simply wanting to “be rich,” does nothing – but when you start using the very “law of attraction,” to get wealth attracted to you – something mystical happens.

When you become a Rock Star, and personify a rich brand - that identifies who you are in the brand – it attracts riches like a magnet.

People simply want the best of everything. When you have the best – they want it.

It does not matter what the thing is that you Rock, when you rock that thing, people will flock to it.

You get what is known as “Brand Celebrity.”

Vaule: $49.95

Video Blogging

The Newest Tool in the arsenal for Stars

Vaule: $49.95

PLUS Bonus, Bonus
Publicity Manual

The number one way to become famous is to get in front of your audience and dominate the industry. You can’t do it without publicity. Here is the best publicity book on the market.

Learn How To Turn Your Ideas Into Cash!  (Invaluable Information)
Learn The Valuable “Insider” Tricks To Getting Media Coverage and Attention – For FREE

Writers – Learn How To Generate Cash – While You Are Writing Your E-book – You Need Not Wait For Just It To Earn  60 different ways you can learn how influence people online, plus a handy tool to help you keep track of “the movers and the shakers.”
*Clever publicity ideas for piggybacking onto the third edition of The Oxford American Dictionary
*Where to find a free Press Room Page that is waiting to be found by journalists
*Where you can find 75 sample press releases, (one for almost every industry) that will give you great ideas on how to write your own press releases
*How to target specific zip codes, quickly and for free, when you're promoting events
* 4  sure fire ways to protect your online reputation and flood the Internet with good news about you, just in case a bad-news story breaks out
*How authors, experts and others who are passionate about a hobby or topic can cruise for free aboard luxury liners--and get publicity in the process
*6 ways to make great use of Quick Response Codes in a PR campaigns
How Is This For An Added Bonus? Here Is Victoria’s You -Tube Formula that will give you the tools so that you can become a rock star in your field!

Vaule: $49.95

You Are About To Discover the ULTIMATE Way to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level...

 You Will Learn...
The 5 different types of video blogging that will
get your viewers salivating for your next post!

The 7 "tricks of the trade" that will cause your videos
to be totally irresistible!  The EASIEST way for even a
"first time user" to make fast cash from their video!     

If You Truly Believe In Yourself – Then Prove It By Making This Investment In Yourself!  You - Are What It Takes

To Make This Work – No-One Else Can Do It For You – The Quicker You Get Started – The Quicker You Will

Learn How You Can Become A Rock Star Today!
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